4 Ways to Stop Distracted Driving

A new program being tried out in New York State will feature ‘texting zones’ for drivers who just can’t wait to use their mobile devices. CBS New York reports that the zones are actually existing rest stops, park-n-ride lots, and other facilities, but new signs are being put up designating them as places where drivers can stop to legally and safely use their phones or other devices.

While Connecticut has not made any official comment on New York’s new program, a similar idea may be the next step to reducing the number of distracted driving crashes in our state. The Connecticut Auto Accident Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm created the Stow Before You Go campaign to remind drivers of the dangers of distracted driving, and would like to recommend these four methods to stop distracted driving…

  • Stow Before You Go - When you’re in your car, put your phone where you can’t get to it. Put it in a place where you won’t be tempted to look at it. No phone, no texting.
  • Silence Is Golden - Turn your notifications off. The less you hear your phone, the less you’ll be tempted to respond while you’re driving.
  • Find Your App - There are many apps that disable your phone if it detects you’re in a moving vehicle. Download one and you won’t have to worry about being distracted while you drive.
  • Designate a Texter - Borrow the thumbs of a passenger. Passengers are capable of texting while a car is in motion, so if you have an urgent message, ask a passenger to text it for you. Be sure to return the favor when you’re a passenger in someone else’s car.

We have more facts and information available at our website Check it out to learn more. The Connecticut Auto Accident Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm hope you’ll put your phone away before you drive, and encourage your friends and family to do so too. It’s easy to remember… Stow Before You Go!