ATV on a snow filled road

Winter Weather Car Emergency Kit

In these blustery conditions, it’s no surprise if any of us have car trouble. The auto accident lawyers at Carter Mario Injury Lawyer want to provide you with these additional suggestions for your winter emergency kit:

  1. Blanket – an extra layer.
  2. Shovel – A short-handled one can remove snow/ice from around wheels.
  3. Flashlight – A water-proof flashlight with fresh batteries.
  4. Hand-warmers – Available at sporting goods stores.
  5. Waterproof matches – You never know if you’ll need to manufacture fire.
  6. Bottles of water and protein snack bars – Planning could save you from eating ketchup packets.
  7. Syphon pump – If you’re out of gas and a good samaritan stops, you’ll want to be prepared.
  8. Lightsticks – Can be used as reflective gear if you’re shoveling around your car.
  9. Flares – An all-season item to place near your car if you’re in distress.
  10. Whistle – Use to signal for help.

When the weather is bad, it’s always best to stay home and let the municipalities clear the roadways.