2015 Hunting Season: Stay Safe Out There

Each year, there are a number of personal injury hunting accidents that could have been prevented with the right safety measures in place. Like tennis or skiing, hunting is also a sport and should be an enjoyable pastime or competitive event.

For Connecticut residents wishing to reduce their risk of personal injury during the hunting season, there are a number of basic safety precautions that should be taken into consideration. While this list is not complete in any sense, these are a few basic safety measures that should be followed:

Hunters should never pick up a firearm and point it at anything without feeling completely confident in what they are doing. Always point the gun in a "safe zone" so that if it does go off accidentally, it will not be directed at an unintended target.

Blaze orange or specialized hunter clothing allows for personal protection while in the wilderness. Hunters should always want to be easily identifiable to other sportsmen while in the woods.

This safety measure is a no-brainer. Hunters should be alert and cognizant of their surroundings at all times. Save the celebrations until after the "big hunt" is over and everyone is safely out of the woods.

Firearms should always be kept in a safe and secure environment. Never store them in areas that can be easily reached by untrained individuals or children. This type of personal injury is becoming too common.

Connecticut residents must always be sure to check local laws and regulations to ensure that they are adhering to hunter licensing and safety course requirements.

Again, while this list of safety measures does not cover every possible aspect of a safe and accident-free hunting season, it should at least be considered in formulating the basis for initiating safety awareness. While hunting safety is extremely important, there is always the possibility that personal injury situations may still arise. If ever in doubt, contact Carter Mario for assistance with answering hunter safety or personal injury questions or concerns.