5 Steps To Follow After an Accident

Automobile accidents often result in devastating consequences that affect people physically, emotionally, and financially. People who are involved in these types of accidents can take certain steps to keep themselves better protected. Here are 5 steps to follow after an accident.

Personal safety should take precedence immediately following an accident, and the driver and any passengers should determine the extent of any injuries and whether or not it is safe to be mobile. If the vehicle can be safely exited, a thorough assessment should be made of the exterior damage. Using a camera or cell phone to take pictures of the damages along with taking notes is a great way to document the incident.

It is a good idea for each driver to exchange a license plate, driver's license, and insurance information if both parties are able to do so. Information about the make and model of each vehicle along with home addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers should also be exchanged.

It is important to call the police even if the other party involved in the car accident insists against it. An officer will be able to take statements from each person involved in the accident and write a report that can be used when dealing with the insurance companies. This report may even prove useful if legal action needs to be taken.

The insurance company will need to be notified following the accident. This usually involves a telephone conversation with a representative who will take a recorded statement from each of the drivers along with any passengers. These recorded statements will be used to determine who was likely at fault for the accident and how much the insurance company will cover.

A qualified attorney can offer advice on what to do if the insurance company refuses to pay for all the damages. It is particularly important to consult with a lawyer if an auto accident injury has resulted in costly medical expenses that the insurance company won't cover. The lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company to try to work out a proper settlement or provide representation if the case needs to go to court.

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