The holidays are a perfect time of year to let family and friends know how much they mean to us. This year, our staff wanted to share with you some of their most cherished Christmas traditions!

Marketing Director Cindy Mario

Stockings! I spend the large part of the year finding small, special items to go in each family member's stockings. It is a lot of work!

Case Manager Billie Higgins

So far, I’m looking forward to making new Christmas traditions as a mom to my 1-year-old. I plan on leaving a note and cookies for Santa every year and anxiously waiting for Santa’s letter the following morning. I also plan on putting boots by the fireplace and sprinkling powdered sugar around them so when I take the boots away it looks like Santa left footprints.

Worker’s Comp. Team Leader Pedro Roman

My favorite Christmas tradition is watching all of the Christmas cartoons with the kids. I especially love watching Midnight Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

IT Manager Michael Colon

Drinking coquito (Puerto Rican egg nog) and eating pasteles.

Attorney Chelsey Morgan

Baking tons of cookies with my mom!

Front Office Manager Mary Costantini

My mother-in-law is a very creative artist and a brilliant woman! She never has preferred gifts for Christmas for herself and always said that she wanted all her children (and all their spouses even now) to be creative and reflect upon their year with a self-portrait. She allows us to choose any medium we like, and really base it on anything we choose. She says that it can be how you felt and changed and grew over the past year, or even how you are feeling now! It is a way for us to break away from the every day and just “be,” while we create something that speaks on many levels!

Intake Specialist Lisette Batista

My children are all grown up, but we still put on our festive pajamas and open our Christmas gifts together. I’m glad we still do that.

Attorney Andrew Bottinick

Working at a local church to prepare a holiday meal for those unable to provide for themselves.

Case Manager Jeannie Cruz

Singing old Hispanic Christmas songs with my mom has to be the funniest thing ever! We do this Christmas Eve, then at midnight we open gifts and share stories with the family until we all pass out.

Intake Specialist Katie Scarpetti

My boyfriend and I try to out-do each other with funny presents. Last year, he gave me an 80s style boombox–he won!

We just want to wish everyone at the firm a very Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays. Marion & David Bromberg