Tips and Tricks To Gym Safety

After signing up for a membership with a fitness center, the easy part is over. The real work begins when you visit the facility and work out! Do not be intimidated by the equipment, the surroundings, or the other gym patrons. The primary goal is to become healthy. As with beginning any new physical activity, there are several safety precautions to keep in mind:

1. Check with a primary care person to verify physical condition prior to beginning any new workout.

2. Ask about safety procedures at the facility (i.e. first aid, CPR)

3. Read all posted signage.

4. Read all operating instructions for equipment

5. Ask questions. Any of the facility staff members will be willing and able to accommodate the requests and answer questions for their members.

With all of the questions answered, personal belongings locked in the locker, it is time to begin the workout. Not quite yet. To prevent injury, personal safety and well-being need to be taken into consideration:

1. Make sure plenty of water is available.

2. Be aware of surroundings, and others in the area.

3. Slowly warm up each muscle group, whether it will be worked out or not. The human body, like any machine, is only as good as the sum of its parts.

4. Gently stretch the muscles that are the primary focus of your workout. If the lower body is the target area for a workout, also stretch the upper body because it will be involved in the workout.

5. Begin with lighter weights. If the weight does not offer a slight challenge, then slowly increase the weights by increments. Another option is to increase the number of repetitions performed. Always have a partner to safely "spot" every lift.

6. When beginning weight lifting, or any other fitness program, do not work until muscle failure, or complete exhaustion. This can be dangerous.

Significant results may not be observed until six to eight weeks of consistent work. Maintaining a regular routine of three to five-hour-long sessions per week at the fitness center will greatly increase the likelihood of significant results. Maintaining a sensible diet of proper foods, vitamins, and water will aid tremendously with these efforts. Ask the gym staff for help if you have any questions regarding machines, form, or free weights. That is part of their job description. For all health-related issues, inquire with a health care provider.

We here at Carter Mario Law Firm want you to stay safe. Following these tips and tricks will help you to get more out of your fitness experience. When it comes to working out, proper gym safety and etiquette are no essential to long term gains.