Surprising Facts About Our Staff

You may have met some members of our staff and they may have shared some personal tidbits about who they are with you, BUT here are a few facts our staff said most people would be surprised to learn about them!

Front Office Manager Barbara Calabretta

That my acting teacher was the man who played Uncle Lewis in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Attorney Chelsey Morgan

I am a travel enthusiast and have been to Australia, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Fiji, and Canada.

Marketing Director Cindy Mario

I grew up in a tiny coastal town in the Carolinas and my daddy had a shrimp boat named the “Cindy J.”

COO Phil Harmon

I enjoy doing finish carpentry and cabinetry.

Digital Marketing Specialist Courtney Moore

I play the drums and once received a standing ovation for my performance of Wipeout when I was younger. I felt like a rockstar! (Also, that I grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont…and yes, I have milked a cow!)

Front Office Manager Mary Costantini

The most surprising thing would most likely be that I have Alpaca! I always get such a funny reaction from people and they are surprised that I have a (somewhat) mini-farm.

Team Leader Michael Lucia

I think that it would be that I used to be a licensed Private Investigator. Most people think PI’s just follow around cheating spouses all night, but the bulk of my work was spent investigating insurance fraud, residency issues for school departments, and attempting to locate people, also called “skip tracing.”

Case Manager Cyndrea Craig-Lawrence

How many siblings I have – 10 total!