Stressed woman leaning against damaged car

What Happens After a Hit and Run?

You’re driving to get groceries when you feel a jolt from behind. As your car goes spinning off the road, you see the driver who hit you right themselves and then drive off without exchanging information. While this is a terrifying situation for any driver, it’s important that you stay calm and know what happens after a hit and run.

Reporting the Crash

Even if the other driver flees the scene, you may still be able to identify them. If the other driver leaves without stopping, do your best to get their license plate number first, a description of their vehicle (ideally the manufacturer, model, and color if possible), and what direction they’re heading. You should then call the police and report as much information as possible, also requesting an officer at the scene to file a report.

If you accurately report this information to the police, you may be able to identify the other driver and file a claim against them. Prioritize memorizing the full license plate number if you are able because the police can often get the other driver’s information based on their car registration.

Next Steps

If police are unable to identify the driver, you will need to call your insurance company and report a hit and run. In most cases, hit and runs are handled through an uninsured motorist claim as part of your policy.

However, uninsured motorist policies typically have low limits and don’t have liability coverage. For that reason, it’s often wise to consult an experienced car accident attorney who can evaluate your case and fight for the full damages you are entitled to under the law.

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