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June 28th, 2022 is Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance, insurance policies, and insurance claims might not be a topic that many people would call exciting, but they are important enough to get their own annual public awareness campaign. This year, June 28th, 2022 is National Insurance Awareness Day.

As the name National Insurance Awareness Day implies, this campaign asks everyone to pay attention to the insurance policies they currently hold. More specifically, it encourages people to review their policies to make sure there are no gaps in the coverage, overcharges, and other issues. At Carter Mario Law Firm, we are always looking for ways to help make peoples’ lives a little bit easier, so we think this “holiday” is pretty useful.

Here are a few things you can do on National Insurance Awareness Day:

  • Review your policies: The first thing you should do is review all of your insurance policies, which could range from healthcare and auto to homeowner insurance. Unfortunately, insurance policies are intentionally written to be confusing and heavy with jargon. Reviewing an entire policy might not be an option, so you should at least focus on coverages, exclusions, and deductibles. If you want help reviewing a full policy, then you can talk to an insurance claims attorney like those at Carter Mario Law Firm.
  • Update your family information: For policies that directly relate to your family members, like a healthcare policy, National Insurance Awareness Day is a good time to make sure all family information is up to date. Did you welcome a new family member into your home? Does someone have a new health condition that is pertinent to the policy? Update as needed, so you can be sure that the coverage matches your family’s needs.
  • Catalog major possessions: You should have a catalog of the major possessions that you keep in your home, such as expensive electronics and appliances. This information is critical in case your home is ever affected by a disaster like a fire or a flood. At least once a year, you should recheck your possessions catalog and add or remove items as required. You do not want to forget to update this list when you buy a new computer for example, and have the insurance company fight you on it if you say it was damaged in a disaster.
  • Consider future purchases: Are there any big purchases that are on the horizon, like buying a new home or car? You should also be planning on how you are going to insure that big purchase. National Insurance Awareness Day is the perfect day to do just that, assuming the purchase is coming up soon.
  • Compare rates: Whether you are feeling satisfied with an insurance policy or not, you should take some time to compare similar policies at other companies. How much could you save if you switch your insurance carrier? Would the trouble of switching be worth the savings? You might be surprised by how many comparable options are out there that you would not even know existed unless you take a minute to look for them.

Although, you shouldn’t feel that June 28th is the only day you should dedicate to improving and reviewing your insurance policies. Realistically, this habit is useful enough to do at least twice a year or after any major life event like the birth of a new family member, job loss, an accident, and so on.

From everyone at Carter Mario Law Firm in Connecticut, we are wishing you a productive National Insurance Awareness Day. Our firm focuses on personal injury claims, so if a healthcare or auto insurance provider is not respecting your claim, then you know you can count on us to help set things right. Contact us online if you have any questions.